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4 Phrase Resume

4 Phrase Resume


5 - 15 minutes

Purpose/Objectives - Quick Description

Share your team’s information with the group in 4 short memorable phrases - thereby building new bonds and leveraging an ever-growing network



  1. As players/participants enter the room or begin the round/exercise, they spend four minutes writing their 4 phrase resume.
  2. That’s it. 4 phrases. They can cover any point in their life and any type of event. There are no restrictions. What each person chooses to write about in their 4 phrases is part of the exercise since participants tend to focus on vastly different (or scarily similar) elements
  3. In People Science groups (or if PS teams are unavailable, groups of two to four) participants then review each others’ resumes and discuss intriguing pieces or questions
  4. The group should then try to identify common history and background (e.g., previous companies, people they know, skills, experiences, hobbies, education)
  5. Document this information and pass to knowledge weaver. The information should then be built into the rest of the event.



  • Piece of paper/index card and pen for each participant
  • Instructions written up clearly on a flipchart or whiteboard


Cool Possibilities/Options

  • With a team that works together regularly, instead of a professional resume, make it a personal one
  • Collect all the resumes, and at the end of the day hold a “Guess who?” contest - e.g., Who played basketball with Magic Johnson in college?
  • 5 minute version - don’t have them write anything. Just get in small groups and have them share their 2 sentence audible resume
  • Give categories for each of the 4 parts of the resume phrases. I.e. Biggest accomplishment, biggest failure, high school skills you are still using, how income disparity is impacting your business, etc.
  • Use this detailed overview of creating your 4 lines as inspiration:

People Science Data Capture:

  •  Collect all resumes and input to profiles for each player
  • If players are entering info directly into devices - do real time display on dashboard



4-phrase resume, 5 - 15 minutes, energizer, history, ice breaker, networking, resume, small groups, teambuilding

What’s a Maker?



  1. A simple exercise two or more people can do to develop a stronger relationship
  2. A way to avoid endless talk about being busy and the weather
  3. A catalyst to communities that can make an impact

Often times mistaken as an ‘icebreaker’ or ‘exercise’